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The interpretation and enforcement of these terms shall be based on the laws of India, regardless of any conflicting laws. This means that any disputes arising from these terms shall be resolved in the courts of India.This agreement will be followed and interpreted according to the laws of India.

  • If we don't enforce any right or rule in this agreement, it doesn't mean we give up those rights.
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  • This agreement is the only agreement between us about our service. It replaces any other agreements we might have had.



We try to show you the right colours of our products on our website, but it’s not always possible. This is because different computer screens can show colours differently, and because we use natural dyes that can be different from one batch to another.

We only use natural and vegetable dyes to colour our products at Resham Wala. This means that each batch of dye can be different, so the colours of our products can vary too. We think this is part of what makes our products special, so we hope you enjoy the differences in colour between them.



We try to find unique things to sell at Resham Wala. Some of these things are only available in small amounts, so we can’t always get more of them. When we run out of something, we try to take it off our website quickly.



We may not be able to take or complete some orders and we may have to cancel them. We can choose to do this for any reason. This may happen because we don’t have enough products, we made a mistake in the price or information, or the products are not good enough. Sometimes, we may need more details or checks before we take an order. We will tell you if we cancel your order or part of it, or if we need more information from you. If we cancel your order after you paid with your credit card, we will give you your money back



We try to give you the best prices for everything you buy from us, but we can’t promise that our prices will always be the lowest in your area. The prices and availability of our products can change without warning. We decide the prices based on our own policy and we have the final say on what they are.



Resham Wala owns or has the right to use everything on this website, such as information, software, words, pictures, videos, sounds and how they are designed, chosen and arranged. Indian laws that protect the ownership and rights of creative works and inventions cover these materials.

You can use our website only for your own personal or non-commercial purposes. We give you permission to look at our website and its contents, but you cannot copy, change, share, or sell anything from it. You can only make temporary copies of our website in your computer’s memory or internet browser’s cache. You can also use some of our website’s features that let you share things via email, social media, links, and other platforms that we allow. If you use our mobile app, you can download it to your mobile device for your own personal, non-commercial use.

You can only use the website in the ways that the terms and conditions allow. If you use it in any other way, you are breaking the terms and conditions and you may be breaking the laws that protect the ownership and rights of creative works and inventions.